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Utility statements will have new look

No longer will West Fargo residents have to fear that their pint-sized postcard billing statement from the city will get lost until it’s too late to pay on time.

Starting next month residents will see their city utility bills arriving in full-letter size.

Tina Gustafson, finance director for the City of West Fargo, said that many residents have voiced concerns about the billing statements arriving in postcard form. She said the small framed card could easily get lost or stuck to other pieces of mail and forgotten about. Also, the postcard billings could not be forwarded by the U.S. Post Office, so residents who moved would often not receive a final bill.

Now, the letter-size statements, which will arrive in the mail in regular envelopes, can be forwarded and will have more detail.

“It’s just a whole lot easier to read,” Gustafson said. “And it’s just easier to see.”

Gustafson said the new statements will show detailed usage graphs for residents to track their billing cycles. The new statements will also have space for the city to leave notifications and announcements.