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Veterans can apply for service dogs

North Dakota Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may now apply for a grant to provide them with a specially trained service dog. These service dogs are trained right here in North Dakota to assist Veterans who suffer from PTSD.

The dogs provide special needs of the veteran they are to serve whether it is calming anxiety attacks, providing comfort and assurance in public settings, or waking a veteran from a nightmare.

PTSD service dogs have proven to greatly assist Veterans in returning to a more normal life and reintegrating back into their community. Service Dogs for America has several of these highly trained service dogs ready to be placed with a North Dakota veteran in need.

To meet the minimum qualifications for a PTSD service dog under this grant, the Veteran must be a North Dakota resident, have a diagnosis of PTSD, be engaged in counseling or therapy and have a doctor’s recommendation for a PTSD service dog.

All qualified Veterans are urged to apply. To learn more or to download a preliminary application packet, please visit our website at