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Voters must update address by May 10

Cass County Auditor Michael Montplaisir is asking voters to update their address if it has changed since the last vote. State law requires that voters must live in a precinct 30 days prior to voting in any election. This law applies whether voting by mail or in person.

To update a driver’s license or non-driver’s ID, voters can:

• Visit their nearest driver’s license site, go online at, call (701) 328-2600 or 855-637-6237 or use the TTY numbers 711 or 1-800-366-6888.

“Many voters have asked if it’s OK that their ID still has their old address printed on it, even though they have updated their record with the Department of Transportation, and the short answer is, ‘yes’ it’s OK,” Montplaisir said.

He said the North Dakota Department of Transportation can issue a new ID card for a minimal fee, however the free option to update the address with NDDOT will cause the correct address to appear in the poll book, which the poll worker will use to confirm that the voter is eligible to vote in that precinct. The deadline to update it is May 10, 30 days prior to the June primary election.

The five forms of identification valid for voting are:

  • North Dakota driver’s license
  • North Dakota non-driver’s ID
  • Tribal issued ID
  • Student ID certificate
  • Long-term care ID certificate

In all cases, the ID must include the voter’s name, residential address (no PO Boxes) and date of birth. Not all tribal-issued IDs include all the required information, so it is important to check them ahead of time. not only has a link for updating addresses online, but also has tools for finding your voting precinct, previewing your ballot and other information.

“It is vitally important to get the word out about this,” Montplaisir said. “Everyone who wants to vote and is eligible to vote will have that opportunity if they take simple but important action now to be sure their identification record is in order.”