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West Fargo Boy Scout Troop 279 helps food pantry

The West Fargo Boy Scout Troop 279 sorts food at the Fargo Food Pantry.

Boy Scout Troop 279 of West Fargo spent time at the Fargo Food Pantry on Nov. 22, sorting donated food. The scouts were responsible for separating food by type and package and placing the items on shelving for distribution later. They also checked expiration dates and the condition of the packaging. This is the second year the scouts have participated in the service project.

Donations come into the food pantry in boxes or bags with a variety of items typically mixed together. Cans, boxes and soft packages are separated from each other. The items are then again separated by the particular product type. Once separated, the products are placed in designated storage areas for easy retrieval.

When the food pantry staff receives an order they first determine the customer's need using such factors as age and number of people in the household. Following an established guideline the staff shops the isles of the food pantry to fill the order. The staff also uses the guidelines to determine how frequently someone can receive items.

The food pantry receives donated items from local retailers, food drives or individual donations. They request no glass packaging due to safety concerns relating to broken glass. They also ask not to send items that have expired or packages that have been opened. Your donation is welcome at any time.

Boy Scout Troop 279 is chartered by Holy Cross and Lutheran Church of the Cross of West Fargo.