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West Fargo High School and Sheyenne students succeed at Band Solo Festival

Several students from West Fargo High School and the Sheyenne Ninth Grade Center participated in the EDC Band Solo Festival on Dec. 1, in Valley City. The students prepared a solo, played for a judge and then received a rating following a brief feedback time with the judge. Each high school was limited to 55 entries and West Fargo entered all 55.

Students participating included: Kayla Anderson, Tyler Bendickson, Alyssa Bergman, Elsa Bollinger, Erika Borslien, Tessa Chambers, Nolan Clark, Jordan Degerness, Walker Degerness, Brandon Duenow, Brianna Faul, Courtney Fetzer, Courtney Glassmann, Amanda Gross, Kayla Haaland, Daniele Haekenkamp, Madelynn Haider, Jamie Hanson, Erica Heiden, Ciara Houser, Aaron Hust, Katie Jonson, Taylor Jore, Joshua Klemen, Brennan Lemar, Emily Lorenz, Kendra Maxwell, Raymond McGovern Jenners, William Merkel, Fadumo Mohamed, Alecs Peters, Nicholas Peterson, Hunter Puhr, Logan Reed, Shaodi Reed, Nathan Reitan, Kymberlynn Ross,Hayle Sachow Johnson, Karley Schaefer, Gregory Schlangen, Theresa Schlangen, Ashton Stelljes, Jodi Stende, Cole Swingen, Christopher Taylor, Erin Thostenson, Evan Thostenson, Mari Tonsfeldt, Tristan Vanorny, Catharine Vetter, Bryce Vogel, Brendan Walker, Sierra Walker, MaKenzie Walkin and Lance Wilson.

Students receiving a Regional Star were: Kayla Anderson-flute, Brandon Duenow-trombone, Madelynn Haider-flute, Jamie Hanson-flute, Erica Heiden-flute, Fadumo Mohamed-flute, Logan Reed-trumpet, Shaodi Reed-baritone saxophone, Nathan Reitan-bass clarinet, Karley Schaefer-flute, Cole Swingen-baritone saxophone, Chris Taylor-alto saxophone, Evan Thostenson-clarinet, Mari Tonsfeldt-flute, Catharine Vetter-clarinet, and Bryce Vogel-baritone saxophone.

Students receiving a State Star, the highest festival rating, were: Erika Borslien-clarinet, Walker Degerness-french horn, Nicholas Peterson-snare drum, Greg Schlangen-mallets, and Theresa Schlangen-flute.