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West Fargo hosts Annual Alumni Art Show

West Fargo is hosting its 3rd Annual Alumni Art Show with the reception on Thursday, Jan. 12, from 3:30 to 5:30 p. m. at the West Fargo High School Library.  There will be around ten graduates taking part in this show including: Matthew Eckleberg, Shannan Gorden, Shandi Mack, Chelsea Odden, Tracy (Tanner) Melendez, Dave Sauvageau, Anna Wang.

Everyone is welcome to join the West Fargo Art Department for refreshments and great art.

Some of the artists participating are:

Dave Sauvageau

Title: Fairey, Campbell and Krafft

Dimensions: 22"x24" each

Materials: Cardboard, Newsprint, acrylic

Dave Sauvageau graduated in 2009 and will be exhibiting a triptych that is composed of three artists that have influenced him, Shepard Fairey, Scott Campbell and Charles Krafft. These three artists introduced Dave to new ideas, concepts and ways of viewing work. "Fairey's influence can be seen in my use of colors and the propaganda style interpretation of the artists. Fairey is also known for his collaged technique of the colored areas to create a deep, rich texture. Campbell's influence can be seen in my layers of cut materials to define edges, colors and shapes. The piece also becomes more dimensional with the separate layers. Charles Krafft is the source of most of my inspiration. His renegade attitude towards fine art made me view professional artists in a new light. This piece is a culmination of what I have learned from the subjects themselves."

Shandi Mack

The Galaxy She Is.

Acrylic and Powder Paint

October 2011

Tayler Elizabeth Photography and

Macksterpieces by Shandi

Shandi Mack graduated in 2010 and is currently a sophomore at North Dakota State University for Political Science and International Studies with minors in Criminal Justice and Art. Shandi is working with local photographers and models to explore body art. Shandi states, "This art is truly unique, for usually the whole process happens within a day. At the end you have nothing but the photographs and memories to go by and take home with you. My other artwork also contains various mediums consisting of charcoal, acrylics, and graphite which I use in traditional art pieces, designing tattoos, and designs on shoes." Shandi has since created her art business, Macksterpieces by Shandi, located as a page on Facebook in order to keep up to date with artworks she has created.

Matthew Eckleberg

The Art of Cyclocross

8" X 120" (roughly)

Matthew Eckleberg graduated in 2011 and is attending MSUM for photography. His art is a project created for his Foundation and Design class. The objective for the assignment was to create an accordion fold book that demonstrates the elements of art and principles of design to create a unified theme which was "cyclocross".