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West Fargo Police Chief Rasmussen to retire in June

Arland Rasmussen announced last week he will retire in June after serving as West Fargo police chief for the past 19 years. Arland Rasmussen

Rasmussen stated in a letter addressed to the West Fargo Mayor and Commissioners, “I am not leaving for health reasons, political reasons, scandal or problems in the department. I am leaving because it’s time for me and for my family.”

His wife, Verna Rasmussen, who is a teacher at Westside Elementary in West Fargo, will also retire at the end of this school year giving the couple time to relax and spend time together.

“I’m hoping that I have prepared the department with very capable people who will take over with my departure,” Rasmussen said. “My Assistant Police Chief Mike Reitan has been my right-hand man for a number of years and has done an excellent job. I feel he is extremely capable to take over.”

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