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West Fargo students place in student congress competition

The 47th Annual NDHSAA State Student Congress was held at the North Dakota State Capitol on Nov. 5 and 6, with 185 students from 17 schools participating in the competition based on mock legislation.

The West Fargo team placed third with 163 points; while Richardton-Taylor took first with 179 points; Fargo Shanley second with 166 points, Fargo South fourth with 152 points, and Grand Forks Central fifth with 127 points.

Other placings in individual competitions included:

Senate Superior Speakers: first, John Mitzel, Fargo South; second, Andrew Rebel, Richardton-Taylor; third, Phoebe Strom, Fargo North; fourth, Matthew Budke, Fargo South; fifth, Jennifer Vetter, Fargo Shanley; sixth (tie), Kristin Emmons, Grand Forks Central; and Kayla Hawley, West Fargo; eighth, Andrew Leizens, Grand Forks Central.

House IA Superior Speakers: first, Teagan Lende, Fargo Shanley; second, Danielle Meyer, West Fargo; third, Kristin Johnson, Richardton-Taylor; fourth, Garrett Zastoupil, Fargo South; fifth, Jasmine Eppelsheimer, Grand Forks Central; sixth, Thomas Beneke, Fargo South; seventh (tie), Ashley Barrios, Mandan and Andrea Richmond, Fargo Shanley.

House IB Superior Speakers: first, Jon Lipp, Fargo Shanley; second, Savanah Walseth, Fargo North; third, Carrie Sandstrom Century; fourth, Bryce Heustis, Devils Lake; fifth, Evan Bloom, Richardton-Taylor; sixth, Nick Strom, West Fargo; seventh (tie), Jake Steding, Fargo Shanley, and Cristina Lawrence, Fargo Shanley.

House IC Superior Speakers: first, Catherine Cho, Fargo South; second, Anjali Lall, Fargo South; third, Lindsay Tyrrell, Richardton-Taylor; fourth, Londyn Lorenz, West Fargo; fifth, Jace Riggin, Devils Lake; sixth (tie), Rachel Iverson, Century, Jacy Thibert, Grand Forks Central; eighth, Stephane Wiese, Richardton-Taylor.

House ID Superior Speakers: first, Ty Bloom, Richardton-Taylor; second, Kaitlin Ford, Fargo South; third, Lindsey Kuntz, Richardton-Taylor; fourth, Ethan Paulson, West Fargo; fifth, Madeline Hyde, Fargo South; sixth, James Maertens, Fargo Shanley; seventh, Benaiah Simburger, Mandan; eighth, Jared Gibbon, West Fargo.

House IIA Superior Speakers: first, Chase Johnson, Fargo Shanley, second, Kate Gunderson, West Fargo; third, Brianna Steiner, Richardton-Taylor; fourth, Abhishek Vaidyas, Fargo South; fifth, Sierra Canerot, Richardton-Taylor; sixth, Sarah Beam, Fargo South; seventh, Franklin Henning, Fargo Shanley; eighth, Nathan Collins, Carrington.

House IIB Superior Speakers: first, Connor Wright, West Fargo; second, Tirzah Wethern, Fargo Shanley; third, Samantha Praus, Grand Forks Central; fourth, Jared Zent, Richardton-Taylor; fifth (tie), Josie Perhus, Fargo Shanley, Sebastian Carcoana, West Fargo; seventh, Karan Saravana, Fargo South; eighth, Emily Meester, Fargo South.

House IIC Superior Speakers: first, Abbey Immer, West Fargo; second, Theresa Schlangen, West Fargo; third, Paige Knain-Blanchard, Fargo Shanley; fourth, Anthony Garnett, Grand Forks Central; fifth, Jessica Pflugrath, Fargo South; sixth, Hannah Rummel, Richardton-Taylor; seventh, Jordan Wold, Carrington; eighth (tie), Gautam Satishchandran, Fargo South, and Matthew Donahue, Fargo Shanley .

House IID Superior Speakers: first, McKenzie Schwark, West Fargo; second, Sami Steiner, Richardton-Taylor; third, Kelsie Tyrrell, Richardton-Taylor; fourth, Katelyn Osland, Fargo Shanley; fifth, Chris Fixen, Devils Lake; sixth, Erin Hardy, Fargo South; seventh, Dontae Bell, Fargo South; eighth, ShaeLynn Purvis, Mandan.