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West Fargo Winter Days winners announced

Fargo,North Dakota 58102
West Fargo Winter Days winners announced
Fargo North Dakota 101 5th Street North 58102

West Fargo's annual Winter Days celebration concluded on a high note with several local individuals participating in a number of events and bringing home prizes.

Winners in a variety of activities planned specifically for the nine days of festivities included:

Snowflake Search: Jack Endres, West Fargo, located the first snowflake in West River Park; and Shelley, Cassie and Sammie Smith, West Fargo, found the second and third snowflakes respectively, at Elmwood Park and the Veterans Memorial Arena.

Chili Cook-off: (17 participants) 1st place, Tracey Lowrana, Fargo; 2nd place, Tammy Burley, West Fargo; 3rd place, Cindy Huwe, West Fargo.

Snow Golf Winners: (30 participants) Men's Division: 1st place, Tim Bishoff; 2nd, Tyler Walker, Richard Roehl, Lars Dyrdahl; 3rd, Ben Roehl; longest putt, Kevin Hofstad; duffer, Gene Fisher; Women's Division: 1st, Annie Young; 2nd, Barb Sinner; 3rd, Deb Walker; duffer, Caroline Wierries.

Sled Parade: (7 participants) Best decorated sled, Cody Wirtzfeld; most creative sled, Michaela Goroski; most bundled up, Mora Sanders.

Snowshoe Race: (16 participants) 7 and under - 1st place, Blake Haugen; 2nd place, Cody Wirtzfeld; 3rd place, Patrick Wirries; Ages 8-12 - 1st place, Alfred Beamon; 2nd place, Seth Benson; 3rd place, Caroline Wirries; Ages 13 and older - 1st place, Bree Bolin; 2nd place, Carl Wirtzfeld; 3rd place, Ann Pfiefer.

Winter Scene Coloring Contest Winners: Maya Wyganowski, preschool; Gracie Erickstad, kindergarten; Lindsey Schulz, 1st grade; Macey Perius, 2nd grade; Corbin Philipp, 3rd Grade.

Word Search Winner: Lori Jasken,West Fargo