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WFHS Senior Citizen Pass available for free

This past April, the West Fargo School Board passed a motion allowing senior citizens (age 60 or older) living within the school district to obtain a season pass for free, as opposed to the usual fee of $20.

"While we know that many of our senior citizens are on a fixed income, we also know that they have always been some of our students' biggest fans." said Community Relations Coordinator Heather Konschak, "We are hopeful that this fee structure change will make it more financially feasible for them to attend."

The pass will be good for all Packer athletic events, except for tournaments and playoffs. In the future, the board hopes to expand the pass to include all Packer activities, such as band concerts and musicals.

Since addresses must be checked against a district map, all senior citizens interested will need to complete an application that must be processed by the district office prior to a pass being generated. This means that these free passes will not be available at the gate/ticket desk of any of our events.

The application can be picked up at the Leidal Education Center.