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Youth receive honors at District Communication Arts Contest

Cass County participants in the District 4-H Communication Arts Contest were: back row, left right: Rachel Danielson, Arianna Alvarez, Sarah Dodge, Mikayla Dodge; and front row, left to right: Astrid Axtman, Anna Stopplerworth, and Joslin Forness.

The 2011 District 4-H Communication Arts Contest was held June 7 at Centennial Elementary School in Fargo with youth from Cass, Richland, and Traill counties participating. Colleen Svingen, NDSU/Richland County Extension Agent hosted the awards.

The event included youth giving presentations in a number of categories including: demonstrations, illustrated talk, public speaking, interpretive reading, dramatic presentation, short takes, video production and commercials.

Maxine J. Nordick, Extension Agent/4-H Youth for Cass County, who coordinated the event, stated, "This event helps young people to build self-confidence, poise and good communication skills. It's encouraging to see so many young members participating so enthusiastically."

Judges were: Jean Hoerer, Wahpeton; Mylie Lavold, director of the 4-H Foundation; Rita Ussatis, NDSU/Cass County Extension Agent; and Andy Johnson, NDSU/Steele County Extension Agent.

Assisting were: Ken Nichols, NDSU/Traill County Extension Agent; Tiffany Stoppler, NDSU/Cass County intern; Nikki Pedeliski NDSU/Richland County intern; and Jennifer Manstrom, volunteer from Richland County.

Sponsors for the North Dakota 4-H Communication Arts Program are N.D. 4-H Foundation, N.D. Beef Commission, Cenex Harvest States Foundation, and N.D. Rural Electric Cooperatives: Cavalier Rural Electric Co-op, Inc., KEM Electric Co-op, Inc., Northern Plains Electric Co-op, Slope Electric, Verendrye Electric Co-op, Inc., and Cass County Electric Co-op, Inc. Service Foundation.

Youth who received top honors included:

Preteen Interpretive Reading/Humorous: first place, Anna Stoppleworth, Horace, Cass County; honorable mention: Catherine Manstrom, Wyndmere, Richland County.

Preteen Public Speaking: first place: Rachel Danielson, Fargo, Cass County.

Preteen Illustrated Talk/Individual: first place: Ben Mueller, Cummings, Traill County.

Preteen Demonstration/Individual: first place: Joslin Forness, West Fargo, Cass County; honorable mention: Astrid Axtman, Fargo, Cass County.

Preteen Commercial: first place: Anna Stoppleworth, Horace, Cass County.

Teen Interpretive Reading/Serious: first place: Emily Lothspeich, Wyndmere, Richland County.

Teen Dramatic Presentation: first place: Sarah Dodge, Davenport, Cass County; honorable mention: Catherine Manstrom and Emily Lothspeich, Wyndmere, Richland County;

Teen Public Speaking: first place, Harshita Gaba, Fargo, Cass County; honorable mention: Arianna Alvarez, Kindred, Cass County.

Teen Commercial/Team: first place, Abby Mueller, Cummings, Traill County; honorable mention, Sarah Mueller, Cummings and Elli Lemm, Hillsboro, Traill County.

Teen Short Takes: first place, Sarah Dodge, Davenport, Cass County.

Teen Video Production: first place, Abby Braaten, Barney, Richland County.

Teen Illustrated Talk/Individual: first place, Jennifer Norton, Cummings, Traill County.