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Man suspected of trying to run over Bismarck police officer found in South Dakota

Corey A. M. Bergsrud letter: Our political leaders made wrong decision

Having good politicians in office means that the people should not have to get politically involved and do their own research, for we have put our trust in our leaders. But we all have an idea how the political system is run, and for the most part we cannot trust very many of them.

Our political leaders (PSC) did not make a wise decision by giving Keystone their approval for the current pipeline routing through North Dakota.

Keystone has been talking all this time about a single pipeline, when their real plan is to put many pipelines along the same route through North Dakota. The route is too close upslope from the Sheyenne River, Fordville Aquifer, and Lake Ashtabula, and the pipe they are using is even thinner than their previous pipes, which have leaked 572 times in the last six years.

Keystone has been deceiving our people from the beginning, and they have deceived us again. With their five and more years of planning compared to our one year, there is a big gap in information, research, and planning, and our PSC was willing to agree quickly to Keystone's choice of a route. We are finally catching up with our well-known North Dakota determination and hard-work ethic. The research they did in five years, we are doing in one.

A citizens group, Save Our Soil (SOS), is fighting the future pipelines by means of a ballot initiative. Please look at our Web site at, and weigh the balancing scale for yourselves. You will find that Keystone is all the way down and our people are all the way up on the scale of truthfulness.

But we who are working of our own free will for the well-being of the citizens of North Dakota need more help. Time is of the essence: Keystone wants to begin this construction next month. We need all the voices we can get if we are to win the battle. This is serious, and now is the time that the people need to speak up for justice and our way of life. We need your free-will effort.

Now you have finished reading my letter...will we hear your voice?

Corey A. M. Bergsrud

Grand Forks, N.D.