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Wedding photos provide lasting legacy

<I>Photos courtesy of Legacy Photography</I>

Posed, candid, natural, relaxed.

A great wedding photographer should be able to capture any or all of these styles in their quest toward making the bride and groom's day uniquely special.

That is the goal of Tyson Kuznia and his visual artist professionals at Legacy Photography, downtown Fargo's newest photo galleria, located in the lower level of the historic Black Building at 118 North Broadway.

Kuznia's attitude is as bold as the 'legacy' moniker he selected for his business.

"It really kind of struck me, I wanted to suggest lasting and bold with a recognizable name and I think I've accomplished that," he said. "It tells the bride and groom 'we are taking part in what will be your legacy forever.'"

In business about a year now, Kuznia considers himself "very lucky" with the direction his studio is taking in his pursuit of the perfect balance.

"Weddings are our forte, and we enjoy creating the entire portfolio," Kuznia said. "Our approach to wedding photography is making sure the bride and groom are at ease so we can connect with their natural emotions, incorporating style, grace, creativity and imagination, along with a high degree of professionalism."

"We always make sure there is a formal session with standard portraits, but what we do in addition are other photos that are going to make them remember just how beautiful their wedding day was."

Toward that end, Kuznia finds himself constantly strategizing in determining client wants in order to customize each individual wedding so the photographs produced are genuine to their event.

"Many times, that involves more of capturing those candid moments rather than posing," Kuznia said.

Reliability, accountability and liability are always part of the mix. "It's a matter of trust, and we have to work hard to express that. We need to be everything and more and we are consistently trying to live up to that promise, maintaining the highest level of creativity."

This philosophy is apparently working, with the acceptance level of their expertise growing significantly with each new assignment.

"The younger generation especially loves what we do, and the feedback is an enormously great feeling, especially when you hit an amazing shot," Kuznia said.

Here, he credits the 'digital era' with making a huge difference. "Before the age of digital photography there wasn't much room for play. This technology has provided us greater creative ability and the end product we can generate now makes the entire process way more exciting. So much so, sometimes it seems like you are playing while you are working."

Affordability also is key to any wedding production and Kuznia said he tries to accommodate there, faring well with excellent customer referrals and overall satisfaction.

With his business recognition growing, Kuznia has noticed a marked difference in customer wants. "At first, our clients were looking for a great deal. Now, because we are consistently able to prove what we can do, we have many brides who simply want our style, because they love our work and know that their photographs will be captured in a manner that they will be able to cherish for a lifetime."

In the realm of wedding photography, it doesn't get any better than that.