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Party Favors That Create Memories.... Photo Booth & Flip Books

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By Alison Monke

Memories Photo Booth

There are so many decisions to be made for the big day – the dress, the music, the photography, the guest book, the flavors, and the entertainment, just to name a few. But what if you could cover those last three in one shot? Photo booths can do just that! They are a fun trend that isn’t going away any time soon and some are also adding even another option, the Flip Book.

One Stop Solution

Having a photo booth at your wedding is a great, unique solution for multiple ways to not only capture, but also create the memories.

While you are out taking pictures after the ceremony or making a few pit stops on the way, keep guests engaged throughout the social hour with a fun activity like the photo booth. This also provides a nice option of entertainment and memory making for guests that may have to leave after dinner. Many couples also have the booth available throughout the dance, creating an alternative fun for those who might not like boogie. They are the complete crowd pleaser, from grandma and grandpa to the little cousins.

The photo booth also provides the guests with a nice wedding favor to commemorate the occasion. The photo is more likely to be kept or used for years to follow, unlike many other items given as favors. There is something about getting behind that curtain, in a small space, that brings out the life and maybe even a bit of craziness in a person. It creates instant memories that will last a lifetime.

Not only do your guests receive the photo, the bride and groom will receive a copy as well. With a photo booth, you’ll be able to recall everyone who was at your reception in an entertaining and quality way. You don’t have to waste your time and money with disposable cameras on every table, which do not take good pictures in the first place, and are often a waste. A photo booth will capture all your guests in a fun, inviting way!

Those images can also be used as a guest book. Most photo booths give you two photo strips, one photo strip to the guest and place the other right into a book that friends and family can sign and write a special message to the happy couple. A photo guest book can also be a helpful way to remember in-laws and distant relatives when reading their delightful messages months later.

What to Look for in a Photo Booth

As with anything, you want to make sure you do a little research and find out what you are really getting for the price of the photo booth. Not always is the cheapest or the most expensive, your best option.

Size and Set up

There are two main types of photo booths – enclosed and open air. Enclosed booths are the most popular for weddings. Guests seem to have more fun and don’t feel as self-conscious if they have a curtain to hide behind. The camera is usually automated but with an attendant still available for help. The most important thing to ask with enclosed booths is the size. For a wedding, you do not want one like you see at the mall that only fits 2-3 people, you want to make sure you can fit a family!

An open-air booth is just that – out in the open and is not enclosed at all. Open-air booths can be great for really large crowds or in a setting that you want everyone to be able to see the action. With these, usually an attendant also operates the camera. Open-air booths are more commonly used for events like a business holiday party or a marathon, where they have a large special backdrop to commemorate the event.

Photo Strip Options

Many photo booth vendors give you an option of what the finished photos will look like. There is the standard and most popular two 2x6” photo strips with 3-4 images. These are usually personalized with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date.

There may also be an option for one or two 4x6” photos with 4 different images, These may or may not be personalized.

Flip Books

The newest option to consider is the up and coming trend of the flip book. It is a short video clip that is then turned into individual images. The product is then a hand-held book containing 28 to 60 images that when flipped through shows motion.

Other Perks

There are a few other items to keep in mind when looking for the best photo booth.

Will an attendant be present? An attendant is important to keep the flow of people going smooth, help with the memory guest book, if one is included, and answer any questions people may have.

Are props included and what are they? Usually props are included, but you may still want to bring some of your own, especially if you have a certain theme to your wedding. One fun option is a small white board for guests to include a special message to you or to create commentary for the picture.

With so many ways to commemorate the big day, a photo booth or flipbook might be your best bang for your buck. It is a great, unique solution that can cover many of your wedding day needs and tasks like entertainment, favors, and a guest book. Whether you are going for a classic or modern wedding, the photo booth may seem trendy, but it is definitely one that isn’t going away.