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West Fargo girls’ basketball float is best in theme for West Fest parade

During the West Fest parade on Saturday, Sept. 21, the West Fargo Girls’ Basketball float earned the “Best in Theme” award.

The float’s design was spearheaded by Angela Bagan, whose daughter, Cass Thorson, plays guard for the Packers. With Thorson’s senior season set to begin this winter, Bagan saw the float as an opportunity for something special.

“I’m really a cheerleader at heart,” Bagan said, “so I wanted to do something memorable for this team; something that shows the history and tradition of the Packers.”

Some aspects of the float – such as the fin with “tradition” written on it – were recycled from a float from two years ago, which Bagan also helped build.

The large basketball at the back of the float, which is a cage ball covered in bumpy orange cloth, took a week to construct.

The remainder of the float was decorated in two days, as Bagan had help from five other girls’ basketball mothers, along with her husband and 7-year-old daughter, Livia.

The award came with a $1,000 prize, which was given to the team.

“I’m very proud for the girls, because they deserve to be recognized,” Bagan said. “As I said, I think of myself as head cheerleader, so this is really all about them.”

Creating floats is not the only thing Bagan has done for the sake of the Packers. She has been involved in spreading Packer pride on several occasions, including creating banners for playoff games.

“As a high school coach, what I appreciate most from parents like Angela Bagan is her 100 percent commitment to a positive team attitude,” Packer coach Barb Metcalf said. “The basketball float is only a small fraction of all the time and effort that Mrs. Bagan has put into the program. We are lucky to have her in the green and white stands because the power of team spirit is magical stuff.”