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A reminder of shovel rules in West Fargo

FILE PHOTO: A MNDOT snowplow clears pillow drifts from Minnesota Highway 11. (Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald)

The City of West Fargo asks property owners to remember these snow removal rules to keep the community safe:

Once snowfall is over, property owners have 48 hours to remove snow from any sidewalk.

A property owner may only move snow to his/her property and public right of ways or boulevards directly adjacent to his/her property.

Property owners cannot blow, shovel or transfer snow to streets or public property.

The City of West Fargo monitors for violators of this policy and receives reports to investigate violations. Once a violation is confirmed, the city notifies the property owner and what needs to be addressed. If the property owner doesn't clear the snow within 48 hours, the city will clear it and charge the costs to the property owner.

For further questions or concerns, call the code enforcement office at (701) 433-5400 or email

The city has an interactive site to keep residents up to date on snow plow routes and progress during a storm, which can be found at " target="_blank">