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There's still time to prepare for Fargo Marathon events

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FARGO—There are two months left to train.

That's likely not enough time to get ready for the 26-mile Fargo Marathon, but you can still train for the other races.

If you haven't decided on the distance you'd like to run, you should soon.

The strength and conditioning specialist at Sanford Power in Fargo says your goals should be realistic.

"You know the thing about doing something at the Fargo Marathon, whether it be the 5K or the 10K, is not a lot of people think that they can do that," said Kendall Railing. "But absolutely there's time to do it and they can finish a 5K for sure."

Those races aren't your only options.

The Cyclothon, Furgo Dog run, and youth run will take place in the week leading up to Fargo Marathon events.