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Tonight's episode of 'Wife Swap' features Minnesota pacifist

MINNEAPOLIS - Tonight's episode of the A-B-C reality show "Wife Swap" features a pacifist from Minneapolis who was transplanted into a conservative Kentucky family.

"Wife Swap" is a show where two women from different backgrounds trade families for two weeks. Producers sought out Mina Leierwood, a 39-year-old Quaker art teacher, after the election to explore the theme of a nation divided.

They paired the Leierwoods with the Patricks, a conservative, military family in rural Kentucky.

Leierwood didn't play by all the rules. She slept at a hotel instead of the Patricks' because she was uncomfortable with the guns and a crossbow in the house.

The biggest clash occurs between Cheri Patrick and the Leierwoods' 17-year-old son, Dan, who puts down her fundamentalist Christian beliefs and conservative political views.