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West Fargo sisters take over WDAYs NoonDay

Angie Lund has never been one to back down from a challenge.

A young mother, she balanced family and work in order to take the West Fargo Packatahnas program to the level where it is today, paving the way for the past two years back-to-back national titles with her former student serving as the head coach.

At the height of her coaching career, she stepped away, starting Just For Kix Dance Studios and taking on other challenges.

Then, she came back, just for a short while, to the Packatahnas program she loved.

Now, shes taking on a new challenge, and under an even brighter spotlight.

Lund and her sister, fellow West Fargo High School graduate Darcy Simonson, have been named the new hosts of WDAY AM Radios Noonday program, winning out in a contest that saw more than 1,000 people from around the Fargo-Moorhead area vie for their own daytime talk radio program.

The process has been just fascinating, WDAY director and personality Scott Hennen said during an on-air introduction and press conference from the Old Broadway Diner two weeks ago. Its taken about 60 days to get through this. I think what amazed us most is that we thought we would have just a hundred or two hundred folks interested in this position. But thousands of people out there put themselves on the line and said, Pick Me.

Simonson shares many of Lunds characteristics, as sisters are wont to do. The professional visual artist and writer worked as an ad executive for the Forum newspaper, was the head of the exhibits and programs at the Childrens Museum and Yunker Farm, and has worked as a small business (jewelry) owner in the FM area.

The show, called Noonday with Angie and Darcy, kicked off Thursday, March 30 at noon, and is the culmination of a longtime dream for the two sisters.

I think its been about five years in the making, Lund said. Ive lived in this area, in West Fargo, since I was 5. And I think all along this was something that I really wanted to do.

Simonson said the two had actually discussed doing a radio show before, and became aware of WDAYs opening, as many did, with the public moving of the popular Jack and Sandy Show from WDAY to KFGO last January.

That move, and the controversy that surrounded, allowed Hennen to reach out to the FM area audience in a unique way, opening auditions to the entire community. The tapes, messages and more were whittled down, and five finalists, including the sisters show, were featured over a week in the studio.

It was a little bit like American Idol on the radio, in a sense, he said. We could have done the same-old, same-old and found someone with a radio background who was either here or looking to move here with their show. But we thought we could use this opportunity to take a look around and see whats out there in Fargo-Moorhead.

Simonson said she and Lund jumped into the fray, not because of the competition, but because they had always wanted the chance to have a radio show of their own.

I think the competition part was the scariest part of the whole thing, Lund said.

But the process did turn out to be a lot of fun in the end. Going through it all made us better, Simonson added.

The two sisters said the show will be a place for busy people to catch up on issues over lunch. Simonson said the focus will be mostly on the listeners, as the two women swap stories with their callers throughout the two-hour show.

Well have some canned issues, she said. But I think most of the time well be dealing with timely things, and whats on the callers minds. We want to get the show in contact with the community.

The two will have in-studio guests, including experts on subjects such as health and family-related issues. But, most of the time, the show will be lunch time conversation, Lund said.

I think a quote that sums it up, and I cant remember who said it, is that you have to face your fears with action. Our callers might be a little scared to call in at first, but if they face that fear with action, well get things going and it will be a lot of fun.

For more, tune into the show each Monday through Friday from noon to 2 p.m., or e-mail Angie and Darcy at or