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Odds and ends from a writer on the mend

For those of you who happened to make the observation that your mild-mannered roving reporter was missing in action last week, you were right.

How observant of you.

Not one to succumb to illness all that often, I was down with both pneumonia and influenza. See? It takes two airborne diseases to knock me out for four days.

So, its with a bottle of water by my side and a handful of aspirin that I take a look back at the news that was.

Superintendent search whittled to six

Six names remain on the list to fill the esteemed shoes of Chuck Cheney, the beloved (by most) superintendent of West Fargo schools who is calling it a career in June.

The list is impressive, includes a selection of local and national influence, and the process will be very thorough.

Its not an enviable job for the West Fargo School Board, Ray and Associates of Iowa and District Human Resources guru Robin Hill as they find the one candidate that best fits the states most dynamic District. But, expect a new superintendent, $145,000-per-year salary and all, to be named early next week.

Another tax credit down the tubes

I love how North Dakota loves to talk tough about all of the tax breaks it gives its residents, but then fails to keep those laws on the books.

The North Dakota State Legislature, a slave to long-running coal and oil industries in the Western part of the state, will wave buh-bye as the E-85 tax credit rolls off the books next month.

With all of the hype around new ethanol and biodiesel plants coming into the state, and the breaks the government is giving the corporations behind those entities, it is pitiful, and flat out stupid, that this is going to happen.

If the future of fuel is E-85, and everyone from the U. S. Senate to the President himself is pointing at the corn-based fuel alternative as a way to lessen our dependence on foreign fuel, why would we, as a state, allow this to happen?

Well, because were the state that is letting valuable wind energy slip through our fingers every day. Were the state that turns a blind eye to geothermal and solar energy. And were the state that will applaud when someone wants to make ethanol here, but play dumb when someone actually wants to use it.

Race season hits the Red River Valley Speedway

With the roar of the engine and a mighty cloud of dust, the trials and tribulations of a winter gone sour will be forgotten by all when the races hit West Fargo once again this Friday night.

That is, unless it rains.

Actually, after a week chock full of clouds and showers, the weather is supposed to clear up Friday, and I hope it does. For everyones sake, it will be nice to have some activity out at the fairgrounds that doesnt involve anyone from the Fair Board or the former Fair Manager.

I hope new manager John Pitts takes in some of the action and sees what a big way of life this is for some people in our area. Garages and driveways are converted into off-track pits. And the action in the pits on race day is one of the best behind-the-scenes bits going.

Ive never been a huge fan of it myself, but Im a fan of what it does for people around here.

Gentlemen (and ladies&Natalies back, I hear), start your engines.

Another year, another search for Bonanzavilles new mayor

With Tim Hoheisel on his way out of the door, Bonanzaville looks for another leader, starting next week with its monthly meeting.

Hoheisel was smart, a little brash, and did things in a museum sort of way. His predecessor, Steve Stark, was affable, good with the media and the public, but was criticized for not spending time in his city.

The Cass County Historical Society would perhaps be best served by finding a mixture of the two. There is much that needs to be done to repair Bonanzavilles reputation among some people. And there is much that needs to be done to keep Bonanzaville on the track to becoming a legitimate museum, as its Board hopes it will be.

If the new director could somehow be a combination of its last two leaders, balancing the technical and community-based aspects of the job, the Pioneer Village will be in good hands.