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Observations, allegations and random thoughts of the week

With not much going on in the world (ha!), I thought we'd take a look at the week that was, 101-degree heat and all. This, of course, will be on a bit lighter note than the State/Nation/World wrap-up you can find in our B-Section.

Hot enough for you?

Did you hear that enough times throughout the week? I used to kid with my friends who moved down South that what they had done just created the same variables when it came to dealing with temps. Here, you go from heated houses to heated cars and heated offices. There, you go from cooled houses to cool cars and cool businesses. Little did I know, we'd need the AC just as much this year as we needed that heat.

Hopefully, you lathered up with the sunscreen, drank plenty of, um, fluids, and survived the weekend just fine.

We strayed from the comforts of our air-cooled house (thank goodness for that purchase two years ago) only once, rushing Kamden in and out of the car and into Target and Sam's as we ran errands. He loved it, sleeping through the entire trip.

Israel vs. the rest of the Middle East, Part X

For those of you not educated on the entire beef that exists between Israel and the rest of that region, I suggest you read up on it. It's going to influence foreign policy for a long time, including the 2008 election.

With all of the tension escalating here, and its wonderful effect on our oil and gas prices, don't think this will go unnoticed. And whether we decide as a nation to sit on our hands or get involved, it's pretty much a no-win situation for the United State's already less-than-sparkling reputation.

Space Shuttle Discovery lands

Nearly 22 years to the day after George H.W. Bush, then vice-president, announced Christa McAuliffe as the teacher who would fly on that ill-fated Challenger mission, the Discovery touched down at Cape Canaveral on Monday morning.

It was an important step for our Space program, one that is looking toward bigger and better things such as going to the moon and, gulp, Mars.

Yet you have to ask yourself, where does the Space program lie in terms of priority when it comes to budget? Especially in a country with so many other fires potentially burning for the foreseeable future?

Watering banned

Closer to home, West Fargo's watering ban has struck me as sensational, and probably very effective. It is now, essentially, illegal to water your yard between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. That means you have to get up really early, or tote those hoses around in the dark, if you want to put some aqua-relief on that sun-burned lawn. Good luck with that. Why didn't the city just flat out ban lawn watering for a period of time?

Special Spier

Of special (and personal) note is the retirement of Monica Spier, who will be honored with a small reception this afternoon at the Leidal Education Center. Marvin Leidal and Chuck Cheney will be the first to tell you how essential Spier has been to the success of the West Fargo School District.

And while I'm sure new School District chief Dana Diesel Wallace would love to retain Monica's services (and her delightful personality) on staff, it's a happy occasion to see this remarkable lady move on to the next phase. We wish her the best.