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Weather's second wave on the way

Get ready for the second wave.

More snow is on the way today and into Friday, unwelcome news for those still digging out from last weekend's wintery blast.

WDAY Meteorologist Daryl Ritchison said that the last system resulted in about 5 inches of new snow in the F-M area, bringing the total accumulation for the winter to approximately 19 inches.

The next round of snowfall is expected to begin today, moving in rather quickly with the potential of dumping three to six inches of the fluffy white stuff in eight to twelve hours with not a lot of wind.

The system will linger into tomorrow with not much accumulation, but there is a good potential for additional measurable snowfall Friday, Ritchison said. Since the storm is still off to the west, he won't venture a guess on just how much, but added there is a potential for several more inches, with different areas receiving varying amounts.

As for the wind, it shouldn't be a real issue on Thursday, but that could be a different story on Friday depending upon how intense the storm becomes. "If we are going to have a day that gets nasty, it could be Friday," he said. Wind and blowing snow conditions are forecast, which could also make visibility a problem if the winds kick up. "A 20 or 25 mile per hour wind is not the end of the world, but if you get it five miles per hour faster, it can become a big factor," Ritchison said.

The National Weather Service has also issued a Winter Storm Watch for all of North Dakota for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. "This is a pretty large storm system that will influence several states," Ritchison said, advising travelers to check ahead on road conditions if they are venturing out. "This is a regional storm, so keep abreast of the forecast with your travels."

The good news is that temperatures will remain mild and won't fluctuate much, Ritchison added. "It won't be a cold storm, just snow and slippery road conditions in some areas."

The temperature forecast for today is 31 for a high; tomorrow a high of 27 and a low around 22; Friday, a high of 19 and a low around 9; and daytime temperatures in the 23 degree range are projected through the weekend, with cloudy conditions accompanying the mild temperatures Saturday and Sunday.

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