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Police investigate home invasions

The fourth in a series of home invasions occurring in West Fargo since last November is leaving police officials frustrated and more intent than ever on catching the culprit.

The latest intrusion occurred Saturday night shortly before midnight in a residence in the 1700 block of Huntington Drive, south of 17th Avenue and east of 9th Street. Police responded to the scene after receiving a call that a teenage girl living at the residence had been awakened by an unknown male suspect who was standing in her bedroom. When the girl realized the individual was there she ran to alert her mother, and while they were calling 911, the suspect fled. The individual appeared to have gained access through an unlocked door.

The three other home invasion incidents, occurring earlier in West Fargo, were in homes in the Meadowridge area, two of them in the same residence. All of the invasions were with the individual accessing the bedroom and fleeing when the female realized an intruder was present.

West Fargo Police Department Captain Mike Reitan said it remains uncertain if the incidents are related, adding that an individual had been arrested in December in an unrelated incident that made him a person of interest. "We really don't have any information to link the incidents together, but through further investigation we're hoping to locate the individual."

He said the girl in the latest home invasion provided a brief description to the officers responding, and that an ongoing investigation continues.

Anyone that can provide any information about the home invasions is asked to contact the West Fargo Police Department at 701-433-5500.