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It's that time of year again

It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it - an old, overused cliché that certainly applies this time of the year with City cleanup week fast approaching.

The thought that instantly comes to mind is the West Fargo Sanitation crew who will be out there collecting just about everything imaginable and unimaginable that residents no longer want.

These guys do a remarkable job no matter if it's sunny and 70 degrees, or cloudy, windy and snowing, and 40 below zero.

Do you ever remember a day your garbage was not collected because of heavy rain or snow or it was simply too cold for crews to be out?

Never happens.

I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the number of times I've heard residents of the community applaud the efforts, and rightfully so, of these guys who go out of their way to accept items most crews would leave lay on the boulevard, whether its pieces of lumber, old furniture, doors, appliances, you name it.

And all this with only a crew of 15, a somewhat limited staff for a city whose population is growing as quickly as ours is, and now numbering 20,000-plus.

On that note, a little bit of help can go a long way in making their jobs a little easier during cleanup week.

Adhere to the guidelines laid out in the story on page one and have all your refuse ready to go when crews arrive. Because of the variety of trucks that will be out and about picking up the different items, one of the most important aspects will be separating your garbage piles so they are easily identifiable.

As long as we're talking trash, many residents also rely on the City's recycling dumpsters to discard of yard clippings.

There are now three operational spots to deposit yard waste - at Dave's Tire on Main Avenue and 12th Street East, the City Shop at 117 8th St. W., and the Elmwood Park Legion Field parking lot on 13th Avenue West.

The dumpsters many residents were familiar with, located in Maplewood Park on 17th Avenue and across from the Fire Hall on First Street, were eliminated because of odor complaints from residents in the neighborhoods.

A fourth yard waste deposit location will also be established sometime in June on the water tower property in Eagle Run for residents living south of the Interstate.

City sanitation crews also play a key role in this area, checking and emptying the dumpsters during the week, as well as a number of times during the weekend, to accommodate the ever-growing yard waste disposal need.

All in all, a real bargain for the $10 it costs you for sanitation services on your monthly utility bill, still one of the lowest rates in the state.

Remember that when the crews are out and about this next week, going the extra mile literally to help you clean up.

Money, well spent, don't you agree?