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Eagle Tykes to open under new ownership- Ranzenberger to offer diverse childcare setting

Jodie Ranzenberger is finally going to be able to live out a longtime dream of operating her own daycare center. After running a successful daycare business since 1994 out of her West Fargo home, Ranzenberger is setting up shop in the Eagle Tykes Childcare Center. She will be leasing the facility, located in the Eagle Run Plaza, south of Interstate 94 off of Sheyenne Street, and is also in the process of working out a deal for the equipment. Eagle Tykes closed suddenly in June, without notice to individuals relying on the service, and has been sitting vacant ever since.

Renamed Eagle Tykes Childcare Center West, the business is expected to open Sept. 4. Ranzenberger is presently busy cleaning the facility and getting everything organized and in place to welcome her new little guests.

She said that all of the children utilizing her in-home service will be following her to the new location, but she is looking for several others to follow suit. "All of my kids will be coming out to the new center. It is so nice to know that they want to follow me."

The new Eagle Tykes can accommodate up to 120 children, age infant through 12 years. Ranzenberger is unsure of how many staff members she will employ until she has a better idea of how many children will be enrolled. She has had several inquiries from former employees of the daycare.

Eagle Tykes Childcare Center West will offer a structured, caring environment featuring a variety of learning activities, geared for both infant and toddlers and ages three and older. The goal is to establish fifteen different activity stations so there will be ongoing educational arts and craft programs that all of the children can be involved in.

A local computer technology firm has also donated computers. "The kids will love them," Ranzenberger said with a smile. She also intends to install a camera system for viewing children and staff. "This is something that is definitely needed to make sure the kids are being attended to and to ensure that everything is running smoothly." A longer term goal is to have a camera viewing system in place for parents who want to check in on their children's activity.

Ranzenberger is excited and a little bit nervous about her upcoming opening but she said one thing is for sure with this newest venture, "I get to do something I love - tend to kids, and I'm really happy about that. I'm hoping people will stop in and check us out and see that everything we do is focused on making sure the children receive quality care and have plenty of activities to keep them challenged and occupied."

Anyone who wants to stop by and check the center out can do so between 6:30 and 9 p.m. each evening, since Ranzenberger will be there working in efforts to get everything ready for her imminent opening. She is also planning an open house sometime the end of this month.

More information is also available by calling Ranzenberger at 356-3270 or 277-0112.