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Students lend support as way of caring

Each year the United Way Day of Caring takes on a little bit different meaning, with the end result typically the same - individuals and groups lending a helping hand to local residents in need of a little bit of extra assistance and support.

This year, members of the West Fargo Community High School student leadership organization wanted to be a part of the giving spirit, making a trek to the West Fargo High Rise on Thursday, Oct. 11, at 230 8th Ave. W. as volunteers to complete a variety of maintenance tasks requested of them in a number of apartments.

The organization consists of all the students enrolled in school, with six elected officers that make up a yearly agenda of activities. This year the faculty wanted to become involved with the community and try to make a difference, all the while showing the students they could still have fun.

"We wanted the kids to find out about the world out there, and what we could be doing to improve it," stated Corene Geffre, teacher advisor for the group. "We have always had one major fundraiser to finance our $500 senior scholarship but we felt we needed to become more involved in the community and also to let people know that we've got some really good kids here at CHS."

Consequently, they decided to be involved in one service project every month. Last month they participated in West Fest and helped sponsor the Teen Concert. For October, they selected United Way and a Blood Drive. Next month will be the Food Pantry, and the list goes on.

"Volunteerism for this generation is in a decline," Geffre added. "CHS hopes to show kids how to volunteer, where to volunteer, and how to enjoy the experience as a whole. We do offer a full credit course on Volunteer Service but what we are doing now is 'just for fun.' Hopefully, the idea of volunteering will carry over into their adult lives and be something they can pass on to the rest of their family and friends. Working to improve the life around you is often more valuable when you don't get paid to do it."

Students involved in United Way Day of Caring observance were Brittany Hagensen, Tyler Delorme, Stacy Breslin, Chanz Senger, Shelby Pichard, Jordan Kling, Joyce Wegner, Brenna Kyllonen and Sarah Borah, chaperoned by Lisa Foulkes and Jessie Bixby, instructors at CHS.

The group spent a couple of hours at the High Rise completing various activities for tenants, among them cleaning windows and kitchen cupboards, moving furniture and vacuuming, as requested.

The residents were all most appreciative of the students efforts, having their spirits basically uplifted by the interaction.