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Time is of the essence

Last week we ran a brief story clip on suspicious individuals knocking on doors in a senior citizen living community asking to enter homes to check gas meters.

The individual represented himself as being an official from a local gas company but carried no identification. To top it off, there were no gas meters located inside the residences; instead they were outside these particular units. The homeowners were aware of this and refused the individual entrance.

Smart move.

A poor decision, however, was not notifying the Police Department until the next morning when it was too late to do any apprehension because the involved party would obviously be long gone.

When the gas company was eventually called they stated they had no representatives in the area, and if they did they would certainly be able to produce identification.

The incident was resolved the next day when it was discovered that a subcontractor working for the gas company was doing maintenance on the gas meters in the area and there was no ill intent involved.

It was agreed that if this party continues to do maintenance they will contact the homeowners prior to servicing the meters and carry identification as well.

The mix-up is believed to have occurred with the reported incident last week because the employee of the subcontracting firm couldn't locate the outside meter and therefore believed it was inside.

This turned out to be an unfortunate incident that caused a lot of unnecessary anger, anxiety and fear among the senior population living in the area.

To help avoid this, the bottom line should always be to report any suspicious activity to officials immediately.

This will go a long way in resolving such incidents quickly, in turn laying fears to rest and placing minds at ease.