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Teddy Bear Tea teaches art of practicing manners

Over 30 young ladies, ages 4 through 8, decorated themselves with fancy hats, boas, jewelry, and other glitzy accessories to take in the West Fargo Park District sponsored Teddy Bear Tea held Saturday at the Veterans Memorial Arena. Christine Chapweske, president of The Etiquette Professionals of Fargo, a business specializing in confidence building etiquette, manners, and protocol training, coordinated the activity.

The room featured tables decorated with pretty pink tablecloths, accented by an assortment of fancy decorated tea cookies on silver platters. The girls were invited to bring teddy bears, and as a craft, the also decorated a bib for each of their teddy bears.

Chapweske said events like this provide youth an opportunity to learn and practice manners in a tea party setting. The children read individual postcards containing various manners and talked about the manner and how it affected them. They also played Tea Party Bingo, with winners receiving a stuffed teddy bear.

  "Everyone was dressed up beautifully and had a great time decorating their teddy bear and practicing their manners," Chapweske said. "It was a great success and this is something we look forward to doing again in the spring."