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Prepare ahead for winter travel

With the second big storm of the season already upon us, the timing couldn't be better for information received from the North Dakota Department of Transportation urging travelers to prepare ahead for winter weather road conditions.

Travelers need to remember the importance of safety when travelling in winter conditions like the ones we've recently experienced, and that changing weather conditions can quickly alter road conditions and drivers need to pay special attention to ensure safe travel.

High priority on the winter driving tips list are: Slow down; never use cruise control on wet or icy roadways; be patient - allow more time to get to your destination; keep a safe distance from the snowplows and other vehicles; and turn on your lights and be sure and brush snow from your car that could cover your taillights.

Advice is also offered on how to prepare yourself and your vehicle for cold temperatures: Carry a cell phone; let someone know when you depart, your route, and expected arrival time; dress according to weather conditions - keep dry and wear clothing in layers; do not leave without a full fuel tank; and keep items in your vehicle that could save your life if stranded, like blankets, additional warm clothing, booster cables, flashlight and a shovel.

The NDDOT also urges everyone to prepared this winter by emphasizing that 'it is a good idea to know before you go.' Check weather and road conditions before traveling, even if you're only going a short distance. The NDDOT has redesigned their Web site and it is now easier than ever to access up-to-date road conditions via the Internet. For up-to-date road condition information, including road closures and road maps, go to or dial 511.