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New decorations, new holiday look

The City of West Fargo has brand new Christmas decorations gracing Sheyenne Street - holiday flags featuring a decorated Christmas tree with blue sky background and a 'season's greeting' message, all accented by light enhancers. Seventeen of them line the street all the way from Sandy's Donuts on the corner of Main Avenue and Sheyenne Street to Sooper Stop on 7th Avenue.

City crews have been busy installing them this past week as time permits. They've also positioned the usual thirty decorations along Main Avenue, which are still of the old variety that have been decorating the City thoroughfare for at least the last 25 years.

City Finance Director Sharon Schacher and City Foreman Eric Hanson are the inspiration behind the new decorations. The idea was initially born with the hanging baskets, when they were added to enhance the beauty of Sheyenne Street this past summer. New brackets were installed to accommodate the plants, so when they were removed, the plan was set in motion to use the same spots to hang new Christmas decorations.

Taking it a step farther, once the Christmas decorations come down, the plan is to utilize the brackets year round for City beautification by hanging a welcome to the City of West Fargo flag, promoting the 'City on the Grow.'

As a bit of history, the West Fargo VFW originally funded the Christmas decorations for the City. Schacher said the old decorations have been wonderful, but with age comes wear and it is now time to be thinking about replacing all of them, which will be done on a gradual basis. "We're hoping year by year to be able to replace the old with new." The plan is for Main Avenue to eventually be decked out with the new Christmas flags and for the West Fargo City on the Grow flags to also eventually line 9th Street and 13th Avenue in addition to the two 'old downtown roadways.'

The new flags are being paid for through interest from closed construction and building funds.