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Fire totally destroys van

A 2001 Ford full-size van belonging to Tom Anderson of Enderlin was completely destroyed in a fire that occurred Monday around 2 p.m. on Oak Street, just south of 7th Avenue.

Anderson and another individual had just parked the van after returning to a job site where they were doing some work on a house. A short time later, they thought they could smell smoke and looked in the direction of the van and noticed that the windows were smoked over.

The two went to investigate, opened the door and saw a substantial fire coming from the dash area. The van became totally involved almost immediately, fueled by the surge of fresh air once the door was opened.

Anderson wanted to retrieve personal items, but wasn't able to because of the intensity of the fire. They called 911 and the West Fargo Fire Department responded immediately.

By the time the fire crew arrived, the van was totally engaged. Crews used water to douse the flames and when all was said and done, nothing on the van was salvageable.

West Fargo Fire Chief Roy Schatschneider said he strongly suspects that it was an electrical problem in the dash that caused the fire since that was where the heaviest concentration of fire emerged from.

He said the owner didn't indicate that he had any previous problems. "It was just something that happened."