Weather Forecast


All in a day's conversation

You know, if we didn't have the weather to talk about, sometimes I think we'd be hard pressed to converse at all.

Given the nature of our weather beast, I guess the fact that temperatures dropped from 30-plus degrees to that same range below zero with the wind chill factored in just overnight, is probably worthy of mention.

In contrast to the cold conditions, a rather hot topic has been the price of gas, much of which has been 'burned up' lately by letting cars run and warm up in advance of traveling out in the cold.

The good news of late has been the decreasing prices at the pump, with the upper $2.70 mark holding steady the past few weeks at local stations, welcome relief from the $3 pricing we had been accustomed to.

As of Monday, the state average price for a gallon of regular, self-serve unleaded stood at $2.98, in line with the national average. Gas prices have been slowly falling since the first of the year when the statewide average stood at $3.06, according to AAA's daily Fuel Gauge Report.

Falling crude oil prices can be credited for the decline in gas prices. Light, Sweet Crude, which briefly traded above $100 a barrel in early January, is now trading under $90. More volatile pricing should be expected as traders attempt to gauge whether recent action by the federal government to jump-start the economy will be followed by an improved economic outlook by investors, consumers and businesses.

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