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High School Musical Day at Horace Elementary

The elementary schools in the West Fargo District got into the swing of things last week as they enjoyed a special theme day over the lunch hour based off the highly popular "High School Musical," currently the rage with younger, and in many instances, more mature, music fans as well.

The cooking staff at Horace Elementary played their parts to the hilt, complete with attire, props and loads of 'musical' expression, much to the delight of the student fan base, appropriately decked out in the corresponding red and white school colors that correlate with the musical.

"Our cooks are so great about dressing up and decorating the kitchen area, so we always have a lot of fun," commented Horace Elementary administrative assistant Ali Olson.

Careful consideration was also given to the menu of the day, with the burger and fries or hot dog and fries basket also in sync with the "Go Wildcats" theme.

The idea to celebrate a special theme day has been ongoing in the District selected at various times to add a little bit of extra fun for the students during the noon hour. It goes without saying, the special days are well-received by everyone and are a sure bet to continue.