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Commission reaches signage compromise

West Fargo City Commissioners and Cook Sign Company came to an agreement Monday night that will allow a sign, in modified form, to remain on the Trail King Industries Building at 2130 3rd Ave. N.W.

Cook Sign officials had installed the sign without a permit at Trail King last year. After the sign was installed, a permit request was made. At that time, West Fargo city officials reviewed the signage and found it to be 130 ½ feet larger than the ordinance allows.

Brett Waldera of Cook Sign Company appeared at the Jan. 28 commission meeting to ask for an amendment to the sign regulation allowing signs larger than the current maximum of 200 feet, and to allow total signage to be calculated using 15 percent of the area of the building fa?ade. That request was denied.

Cook Sign brought the item back to the Planning and Zoning Commission Feb. 11, asking for a variance, but that was also denied.

Before the variance request on Monday night's Commission agenda could be addressed, it was noted that a compromise had been reached.

Mayor Rich Mattern said that in talks on the matter with Waldera a plan had been ironed out agreeable to everyone, therefore eliminating the need for any variance discussion.

It was agreed that the Industries, Inc. portion of the Trail King sign would be removed, therefore, taking the signage figures under the allowable 200 foot amount, a move favorable to planning department officials.

The Commission agreed to give Waldera two months to accomplish this task, a time frame that Waldera said he was most appreciative of.

Commissioner Brenda Warren said she felt the solution was a good compromise.

The Commission also approved a conditional use permit for a commercial wireless telecommunication's service tower located on Lot 2, Block 1 of Eagle Run Plaza 2nd Addition.

Great Plains Tower made the request for the tower which will be north of 32nd Avenue West on 6th Street West. City Planning Director Larry Weil said the tower will be directly east of the retention area, and with the site somewhat secluded, will have minimal impact on other property in the area.

Adjacent property owners were notified and there were no negative comments or concerns expressed by anyone in the area. The Planning and Zoning Commission approved the request at their Feb. 11 meeting, subject to three restrictions: that the applicant provides proof that existing towers cannot service the area, that the tower complies with Federal Aviation Administration regulations; and the applicant provides landscaping along the west side to enclose the tower control area.

City Administrator Jim Brownlee presented a quote proposal to the Commission on recording systems for documenting City meetings. One for straight audio only came in at $1,209, while one for live broadcast ability to record was priced at almost $20,000, adding $500 for a DVD recorder.

The Commission agreed to look into additional bids before making any decision.

Under the Consent Agenda portion of business, the Commission also agreed to reappoint Mayor Rich Mattern, Commissioner Mark Simmons and Park District employee Bob Potter to additional four-year terms on the West Fargo Visitors Committee, which will expire in February of 2012.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the West Fargo City Commission will take place at 5:30 p.m., on Monday, March 3, in the Commission Chamber at West Fargo City Hall. All meetings are open to the public.