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Vance announces run for State Treasurer

Mitch Vance of Bismarck has formally announced that he will run for North Dakota State Treasurer. Vance will seek the Democratic-NPL Party's nomination at the State Convention in Grand Forks April 4-6.

Speaking to members of the press and supporters in Bismarck and Fargo, Vance explained his vision: "the Treasurer performs very important functions for you, the people. As the keeper of the people's checkbook, I will not only take care of your checkbook, but I will also invest available funds for maximum return. Moreover, I will be the people's eyes and ears while serving on various boards that manage vast sums of the people's money."  

A retired former businessman, educator, and magazine editor, Vance currently serves as chairman of the District 47 Democratic-NPL; as a member of the board for Bridging the Dental Gap, a low income dental clinic in Bismarck; and continues to work as a freelance writer and photographer.

"As a former small business owner, I've developed the fiscally conservative frame of mind required to run an organization efficiently," Vance said. "And I plan to bring that experience to bear on the Treasurer's office. I also plan to use my communication skills to make the Treasurer's office more open and visible to the people."

Vance started an exploratory committee regarding a run for the post in late February of this year.