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Speech team participates in East Regional Tourney

The West Fargo Speech Team participated in the East Regional Speech Tournament Saturday, April 5, where they placed 4th.

Individual state qualifiers were: Inform: Eric Halvorson, 2nd place, Emily Erickson, 5th place, Michael Olson, 7th place, and Samantha Pyle, state qualifier; EPR: Diane Hahn, state qualifier, Amy Walen, state qualifier, Katelyn Aswege, state qualifier; Drama: Beatrice Hill, 4th place; Entertain: Nick Strom, state qualifier; Extemp: Kayla Hawley, state qualifier; Poetry: Beatrice Hill, 1st place, Connor Wright, 2nd place, Diane Hahn, 7th place, Amy Walen, state qualifier;

Serious Prose: Emily Siegert, 8th place, McKenzie Schwark, state qualifier, Jill Bechtold, 2nd alternate; Radio: Kristin Kautz, 6th place, Jill Bechtold, 2nd alternate, Janet Bechtold, 3rd alternate; Humorous: Eric Halvorson, 1st place, Samantha Pyle, 2nd place, Katelyn Aswege, 3rd place; Storytelling: Connor Wright, state qualifier; Humorous Duo: Christina Bohn/Kayla Hawley, 5th place, Emily Erickson/Michael Olson, 6th place.