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West Fargo NIPA Winners named

West Fargo journalism students were recognized with several awards at the 2008 Northern Interscholastic Press Association conference held in Grand Forks on Sunday, April 6. Newspaper and yearbook students had several first place finishes in the mail-in and on-site categories. The newspaper placed second overall and the yearbook placed first overall in the region. West Fargo senior Sara Kram was also recognized as the NIPA Photographer of the Year.

According to Jeremy Murphy, Publications advisor, several West Fargo students placed and were recognized for their outstanding efforts. The first place finishes from West Fargo include:

Staff editorial, 1st place; Sports photo, Division I, "Wrestling," BreAnne Gregory; Cartooning, Division I, "Senioritis," Mike Schnepf; Single topic, multiple story, Division I, "Music mania," Abel Rodriguez and Amber Batsch; Front page design, Division I, "The Packer," Jessica Ballou, Kelsey Bergeron, and Katie Kapel; Sports writing, Division I, "Girls roam through the jungle," Emily Hartley; Organization writing, Division I, "Newspaper tells it like it is," Emily Hartley; Personality profile, Division I, "Life lessons," Kira Gilbraith; Headline writing, Division I, "Headlines," Danielle Mehus; Caption writing, Division I, "Whip cream, say what, medals," Carsen Harrison-Bower; Cover and Endsheet design, Division I, "As we see it," Ashley Helm; Opening and closing design, Division I, "Opening & Closing," Ashley Helm; Sports spread, Division I, "Track," Jaclyn Rankin; Student life spread, Division I, "Prom," Ashley Helm; People spread, Division I, "People spread," Ashley Helm; Advertising spread, Division I, "Advertising," Ashley Helm; Feature photography, Division I, "Full of surprises," Abby Paul; Academic photography, Division I, "It's alive," Victoria Hackett; JIA Copy editing, Emily Hartley; JIA Cover and endsheet design, Maggi Nicholls; JIA Student life design, Shelby Foltz; JIA Graphic design - novice, Emily Vrem; JIA Ad design - novice, Glen Gengel; JIA Fill the frame photography - novice, Abby Hammes; JIA Editorial writing - novice, Abby Hammes; JIA Ad Design, Victoria Hackett; JIA Copy editing - novice, Tania Peters; JIA Framing photography, Alyssa Jones; JIA Unique Angle photography, Alyssa Jones; JIA Student life design - novice, Johanna Erickson; JIA Sports writing - novice, Alex Ringdahl; JIA Framing photography - novice, Nathan Kuik; JIA Fill the Frame photography, Molly English.