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South Elementary top fundraisers for Jump Rope for Heart

South Elementary School third graders were honored at a ceremony in their gymnasium on April 10, for raising the most money during a Jump Rope for Heart fundraising project conducted by West Fargo elementary schools. Students from South raised a total of $10,437.09 for the American Heart Association.

Aurora Elementary came in second, with a total of $10,121.32; Eastwood raised $8,240; L.E. Berger raised $6,837.81; Westside raised $6,249.50; Horace raised $5,046; and Harwood Elementary raised $3,000. Cheney Middle School students participated in the American Heart Association's Hoops for Heart event. They raised $2,400.

Altogether, West Fargo schools raised a grand total of $52,322.48. The funds will go toward research and community programs to raise awareness of heart disease and strokes.

Wayne Geary, Youth Marketer Director from the Greater Midwest Affiliate of the American Heart Association congratulated the students and coordinators, praising them for putting so much effort and hard work into making the events a success that went far above the American Heart Association's expectations. "I would especially like to thank Dr. Dana Diesel Wallace for her strong support, as well as all the Principals, for their great support of our lifesaving programs," Geary said.

The top ten fundraisers at South Elementary included Avery Grant, Alan Wald, Grace Heinrich, Madison Moen, Tanner Laughlin, Kaeleigh Johnson, Carley Knutson, Xavier Carlson, Alex Harwood, and Paul Holaday. Avery Grant received a medallion for being the top fundraiser of $334.06. Second place medallion winner was Alan Wald with $324.00. Physical education instructors Gary Otterness and Jim Quam coordinated the program at South.

"You are all life savers. When you come to physical education, you work very hard to take care of your most important muscle, your heart," Geary told the students.

At Horace Elementary School, Principal Jerry Barnum kissed a pig during a school assembly on April 16. Barnum had promised to kiss a pig if students met their school's goal. Barnum was so pleased with the students' efforts, that he planted several kisses on the pig's snout.

All students participating in the challenge received educational materials promoting heart healthy eating, the importance of exercise, and being tobacco free. Each school will receive certificates worth free physical education equipment with dollar amounts being determined by fundraising totals.