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Cleanup Week observed May 5-9 in West Fargo

Cleanup Week is fast approaching and the perfect time for West Fargo residents to rid themselves of just about everything they feel like discarding.

West Fargo Sanitation Department Foreman Dennis Correll said this year's drive, May 5-9, will be fairly similar to others with "pretty much anything that is placed at the curb being picked up."

This annual event allows residents the opportunity to dispose of tires, appliances and other large items at no charge on their regular garbage collection day. There is one stipulation however - all the items must be residential in nature with no commercial waste accepted.

Residents are simply asked to comply with a few rules that go a long way in making the whole process a bit easier. These include: separating items of the same type into distinct piles, i.e. tires, appliances, furniture, lumber, brush, household garbage, etc.; placing garbage in disposable containers, except for oversized items; and removing doors on refrigerators and freezers, with all food stuffs removed. There is no limit being placed on the number of appliances that can be disposed of; and all types of hazardous household waste will also be accepted, including paint and oil.

The Sanitation Department crew will be assisted by Street and Water Department personnel with a variety of trucks and payloaders picking up certain items - appliances, metal, items that need to be hauled to the inert landfill, and, of course, the regular garbage routes. Because of the extra volume of garbage expected, residents are asked to set out anything they wish to discard before 6 a.m. on their pickup day. Correll said crews will be making several passes throughout the day on respective routes to make sure everything is collected from the boulevards where cleanup week items are placed.

If residents want to haul away their larger items themselves, they are encouraged to do so all week long, free of charge, by taking it to the City's transfer station located at 1620 West Main Ave. They are required to show a drivers license or some identification indicating they are a West Fargo resident. The transfer station is open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and there will be crews on hand to assist.

Residents wishing to dispose of other debris on a regular basis are able to do this all year long. The only exception is that there is a $10 charge for appliances at anytime other than cleanup week, because the sanitation crews have to dispose of them differently at an expense to the City.

Correll added, now that West Fargo garbage is being taken to the Fargo landfill, if residents have hazardous waste they can take it to the Fargo Household Hazardous Waste Facility, located by the landfill, and dispose of it at no charge.

For more information about cleanup week, contact the West Fargo Sanitation Department at 433-5405.