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West Fargo School Board authorizes sale of bonds

School Board members voted 5-0 on Monday, May 12, to authorize the sale of $5,500,000 in Limited Tax School Building Bonds. The bonds, along with additional funds available, will be used to build a new kindergarten center; construct classroom additions and improvements to the existing kindergarten center; improve existing school buildings and facilities; and to purchase land for future school buildings within the District. Board President Duane Hanson and Troy Aswege were absent from the meeting.

The Board also voted to authorize changes to procedures for expulsion under Board policy 5-1110, pertaining to the "Supply, Use, or Possession of Drugs, Tobacco, and Alcohol." Dana Diesel Wallace recommended a two-part motion to clarify the expulsion procedure. Roll call voting resulted in a 5-0 decision in favor of allowing parents to waive the right to an expulsion hearing. The policy changes will apply only to drug, tobacco and alcohol related incidents. Closed door executive sessions will still be conducted for bomb threats and more serious issues. The second motion, which will allow the Policy Committee to evaluate Policy 5-1110 and recommend changes resulted in a 4-1 roll call vote, with Susan Bailey opposing.

In other action, the Board authorized the administration to advertise for bids for fuel, laundry services, pizza, subs, and bread;

Approved a 1.5 staffing increase request for Title I at a total cost of $64,200 to be absorbed within the Title I budget, and a request for additional days to be added to the District's reading coordinators' contracts at a total cost of $23,865. This was a reduction from a request presented to the Board during the April 28 meeting;

Approved the resignations of Sue Zurn, Jennifer Frush, Jim Quam, Lynette Mund, and Kathleen Neugebauer. Neugebauer will be retiring at the end of the school year.

The Board heard reports from Jan Slipper on increasing food service costs; a transportation update from Brad Redmond; and a 403(b) Plan administration update from Robin Hill.

The Board also recognized this year's School Board Artists, and commended Steve Crone, an Aurora custodian, and Amy Werner, a paraprofessional at Aurora, for coming to the aide of a student who was chocking on a carrot during lunch on May 1. Crone and Werner were praised for their quick thinking, and dubbed heroes at Aurora.

Presentations were also made recognizing students for their involvement in SPARCL (Students Promoting Assets through Relationships and Community Leadership), the High School's Philanthrophy Club, and the Big Brother, Big Sister program at South Elementary.

Principal Gary Clark gave an overview of progress with new programs and improvements being implemented at the High School.

Updated calendars for the 2008 summer session and the 2008-09 school year were presented.

There were no requests for discussion from the public during the meeting.