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Dessert theatre at West Fargo High School, Drama students perform in last production of season

A cast of 12 students from West Fargo High School presented Fourteen Lines by Alan Haehnel at the North Dakota Class A One-Act Festival in April. Last weekend, they performed the play again in front of audiences in the West Fargo High School theater.

Sarah Tron, drama instructor at WFHS, directed the play, which centered around five troubled youth whose graduation depended on their recitation of a fourteen line sonnet.

The cast included Cydney Crowe, Abby Hammes, Sam Forsey, Travis Bregier, Kevin Ackley, Amy Walen, Robbie Jacobs, Laurel Schuessler, Pat Richard, Brittany Haaland, Leah Jenson, and Ellen Rossow. During State competition, Megan Chiondini played the role of Ms. Drew, the students' teacher and mentor. Unfortunately, due to illness, she was unable to perform in the high school performances, and Amy Walen filled in for her. Kevin Ackley and Cydney Crowe received Superior Acting awards at State for their performances.

Following a short intermission, complete with dessert and coffee or punch, Making Nice, a one-act play also written by Alan Hoehnel, was performed under the direction of Amy Walen, a WFHS senior.

Making Nice is a comedy spoof on two OSHA agents who try to crack down on an acting company run by an overbearing director. Walen's first attempt at student directing was well executed.

"With twenty people in my cast, it's [directing] making sure everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there, and making sure the schedules work for everybody," Walen said. "It was an amazing experience. I'm definitely glad I got a chance to do it."

Walen's cast included Brittany Davila, Chelsea Peterson, Adam Watts, Pat Richards, Eric Halvorson, Sam Pyle, Solveig Swanson, Ali Beckius, Robbie Jacobs, Josh Ockert, Michaela Pytlik, Emily Vrem, Lauren Ugelstad, Caitlin Leick, Nathan Jahnke, Abbey Immer, Kim Braesch, Laurel Schuessler, and Ellen Rossow.

The technical crew for the evening's performances included Simona Sjoblom, Gentry Lee, Monica Schroeder, and Lauren Ugelstad.

This has been Tron's first year at West Fargo High School, teaching drama and English classes. The Hazen, North Dakota native graduated from Concordia College with four bachelor of arts degrees in English literature, education, mass media communications, and speech communications. Tron taught for three years in Williston, North Dakota as a drama director and assistant speech coach prior to coming to West Fargo. She will direct the fall and spring productions next year, with Adam Pankow directing the mainstage musical.