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Student Council shows appreciation, Sheyenne Ninth Grade Center staff honored at breakfast

The student council sponsored a special staff appreciation breakfast at the Sheyenne 9th Grade Center before school on Friday, May 9.

The student council decorating committee selected a theme that was carried through on posters throughout the Library Media Center that carried such phrases as "You are our stars shining through," "A school is nothing without staff," "Stars are shiny, just like our staff," and "Have a studded day." Purple, gold and silver were chosen as the accent colors, since purple is a color of royalty and gold and silver are precious metals, a comparison to the staff at Sheyenne.

Student council members served caramel rolls, juice, coffee, and milk. Each member of the student council made an attempt to secure five donated gifts for the door prizes. Staff members signed up for the door prizes, and each member present received at least one gift.

"We wanted to show the teachers how much we care, and we wanted to set one day apart for them, so they could feel special, because they do so much for us," student Cora Bollinger said. "Our staff does an amazing job, and we wanted to try to give something back."

Student Alex Carthew added, "It was great to be able to do this for them, and I like to think we started the day off well for our staff. We really appreciate our staff here at Sheyenne Ninth Grade Center."

"It was fun seeing the looks on the staff's faces when they won a prize," Amy Tran stated.

The staff was extremely appreciative of the gesture. "The breakfast was a great treat. The student council went to a lot of work to plan a fun morning to honor us. We celebrated with decorations, rolls and juice, and door prizes. I even won chocolates: what a great way to start my morning," said English teacher Carissa Stauss.

Special services teacher Jill Klinker agreed. "The student council brightened my day and showed their teacher appreciation by hosting a tasty breakfast. It was very thoughtful and truly appreciated!"

The student council advisor is Sue Jordahl. Members of the student council include Cora Bollinger, Amy Clark, President Alex Carthew, Ashlee Cline, Katie Dauwen, Vice President Missy Halda, Dejlana Hodzic, Krista Horton- Mammenga, Kevin Roberts, Kyle Roberts, Secretary Hayden Swanson, and Amy Tran.

Other activities the student council has assisted with this year include a dodge ball tournament, Valentine (Val-o-grams), spirit week, a quilt project, a school sponsored book fair, and May Day baskets where each 9th grade student received a treat.