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Extraordinary effort with mosquito control

West Fargo's mosquito population seems to be under control for the time being thanks to the conscientious proactive effort put forth by Cass County Vector Control Director Angela Balint and her crew.

"It is very good, especially with the rain we've had," she said, referencing the 20 mosquito per evening average count recorded Monday in a variety of mosquito traps positioned around the community on timers registering counts from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily.

The highest count was a 265 average on June 21, which is the typical time frame for mosquitoes to reach their "annoying" peak.

Right now with temperatures a little dryer, also typical for this time in July, the process has hit vector mosquito mode, where counts are lower but crews are checking regularly for West Nile carriers, and will continue to do so into August because this is the high risk period.

Balint explained that with the 20 percent mosquito average, ten percent of them are possible carriers, translating into two of the 20.

Only one case has been officially reported in Cass County up to the present.

Two aerial sprayings have already occurred in the community along with numerous ground spraying efforts. Balint said efforts will be ongoing to do whatever it takes to keep mosquito numbers down and the threat of West Nile at bay. If the numbers go up, another aerial spraying could occur. In the meantime, everyone can help out in a small way by using repellent when they are outside and at risk of being bitten, and by dumping or getting rid of any standing water that could serve as a breeding place for mosquitoes.

Balint and her crew should be applauded for the outstanding mosquito fighting effort they've displayed since she came on board as Vector Control director a few years ago.

Vector Control board member and Fargo Parks director of recreation Clay Whittlesey summed it up best at the group's June 26 meeting when he commended "Balint and her staff on the great job they are doing."

Being able to enjoy the beautiful outdoor hours well after the sun went down on Friday and Saturday night (and hopefully many more to come) was truly a summer treat directly attributable to the foresight and strategic planning Balint has demonstrated in her successful bid to rid us of this perpetually annoying pest.

For that, the citizens of West Fargo also thank you.