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Baseball field named after West Fargo Exchange Club

Todd Rheault accepts the $25,000 donation from West Fargo Exchange Club President Greg Mastrud on behalf of West Fargo baseball and the park district. Submitted photo

West Fargo Baseball and the West Fargo Park District are the recipients of a $25,000 donation by the West Fargo Exchange Club for naming rights to the field on 13th Avenue, adjacent to the park district office. The field will now be known as West Fargo Exchange Club Field and a sign will be hung on the backstop to give the field an identity.

"We are very pleased to receive this donation and will use the donation to upgrade our baseball facilities," park board member Todd Rheault stated. "The newly named West Fargo Exchange Club Field took on many renovations in the last two years such as a sprinkler system, grass infield, and planting of trees for a hitting background, to name a few. The donation, along with fundraising and park district help, will also enable four to ultimately six new diamonds to be built in the Rendezvous Park area that will start first thing this spring, with the fencing being put up as the first phase of this project. We would like to thank the West Fargo Exchange Club for being an important part of our West Fargo Youth programs."