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West Fargo Winter Days winners announced

West Fargo's annual Winter Days celebration concluded on a high note with several local individuals participating in a number of events and bringing home prizes.

Winners in a variety of activities planned specifically for the nine days of festivities included:

Snowflake Search: Jack Endres, West Fargo, located the first snowflake in West River Park; and Shelley, Cassie and Sammie Smith, West Fargo, found the second and third snowflakes respectively, at Elmwood Park and the Veterans Memorial Arena.

Chili Cook-off: (17 participants) 1st place, Tracey Lowrana, Fargo; 2nd place, Tammy Burley, West Fargo; 3rd place, Cindy Huwe, West Fargo.

Snow Golf Winners: (30 participants) Men's Division: 1st place, Tim Bishoff; 2nd, Tyler Walker, Richard Roehl, Lars Dyrdahl; 3rd, Ben Roehl; longest putt, Kevin Hofstad; duffer, Gene Fisher; Women's Division: 1st, Annie Young; 2nd, Barb Sinner; 3rd, Deb Walker; duffer, Caroline Wierries.

Sled Parade: (7 participants) Best decorated sled, Cody Wirtzfeld; most creative sled, Michaela Goroski; most bundled up, Mora Sanders.

Snowshoe Race: (16 participants) 7 and under - 1st place, Blake Haugen; 2nd place, Cody Wirtzfeld; 3rd place, Patrick Wirries; Ages 8-12 - 1st place, Alfred Beamon; 2nd place, Seth Benson; 3rd place, Caroline Wirries; Ages 13 and older - 1st place, Bree Bolin; 2nd place, Carl Wirtzfeld; 3rd place, Ann Pfiefer.

Winter Scene Coloring Contest Winners: Maya Wyganowski, preschool; Gracie Erickstad, kindergarten; Lindsey Schulz, 1st grade; Macey Perius, 2nd grade; Corbin Philipp, 3rd Grade.

Word Search Winner: Lori Jasken,West Fargo