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Advisory committee forming to discuss school building options

The West Fargo School Board's Planning and Development Committee has been holding a series of meetings to develop a five-year plan to meet the needs of the district's growing student population. During the early morning brainstorming sessions, administrators, school board members, and building principals have been evaluating the pros and cons of several building options, looking for a plan that will solve space issues at the middle school, high school, and elementary school levels.

At the January 28 meeting, the group looked at a proposal which included expanding the Sheyenne Ninth Grade Center into a middle school with the capacity of 1,200 students, and building a new high school housing 1,200 students north of the Sheyenne Center, with a shared building housing the performing arts wing and library situated between the two structures to eliminate the cost of duplicated services. Under the proposal, the current West Fargo High School would undergo renovations to meet academic needs and for infrastructure improvements. In addition, a new elementary school would be built on land the district owns south of 52nd Avenue, and Horace Elementary would be expanded to house more students to help alleviate space issues at the other elementary schools.

On February 4, after studying and fine-tuning the proposal, the committee recommended that an advisory committee be formed to get input and suggestions from people in the community. Structured like the advisory committee that met to help formulate plans for the new kindergarten center, the group will hold a series of meetings beginning this month.

Anyone who would like to be included on the advisory committee is encouraged to call the district office at the Leidal Education Center by calling 356-2050.