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West Fargo senior has perfect attendance

Amber Tendeland and her first perfect attendance award from Janice Leidal's Kindergarten class. She is pictured with Kindergarten Principal, Jerry Hagen. Submitted photo1 / 2
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A member of this year's West Fargo graduating class has had perfect attendance for thirteen years, all the way through kindergarten to her senior year. Amber Tendeland, daughter of Darin and Carmen Tendeland, holds the distinction of never missing a day of school throughout her West Fargo education. In fact, she also had perfect attendance when she attended preschool at Faith Lutheran Church.

Having perfect attendance was a goal Amber set for herself at a very young age. She lost three of her grandparents in 1995, when she was only six years old. Shortly after her maternal grandfather, Andrew Anderson, died, Amber was helping her mother box up his belongings when they ran across a perfect attendance certificate he had gotten from the school he had attended in Middle River, Minn.

It must have made a deep impression on Amber. According to Darin, Amber used to say, "I'm going to be just like Grampa Andy, and get perfect attendance, too." It is a goal that she has stuck with over the years.

Interestingly, Janice Leidal, who was Amber's kindergarten teacher, was also her dad's kindergarten teacher. To add another twist, Amber attended the West Fargo Kindergarten Center, which is located in the building where the Vocational Arts building used to be when Darin took auto mechanics classes when he was in high school.

Amber attended Eastwood Elementary School, then attended Middle School in what is now the Lodoen Education Center, and finished her final four years of education at West Fargo High School. Next fall, she plans to attend Minnesota State University Moorhead and major in English education.