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My, how things have changed

Dress codes in our schools have certainly changed over the years. In the July 23, 1969 issue of the West Fargo Pioneer, an article announced a new dress code being introduced by the Mapleton Public School. Robert Kummeth was Mapleton's superintendent at the time. The excerpt read as follows:

In order that the parents may buy according to needs before school begins, the dress regulations for the 1969-70 school year are being published before the Mapleton Public School year begins.

School is to be treated as the student's job or place of business during the time he or she is at school. Therefore, they should dress and act accordingly. A student who is sloppily dressed tends to act the same way.

A great deal of discretion should be used by the girls when picking a dress to wear to school. Miniskirts, culottes, pant-dresses, or other types of divided skirts will not be allowed. Shorts, slacks, and other types of leisure time wear are not appropriate for school.

For the boys, it's just as important that they be dressed like gentlemen. Tight pants, sweatshirts, numeraled shirts, faded overalls, shorts, or other leisure time wear are not appropriate for school.

These regulations apply to grades seven through 12 only. For girls one through six, parents should use common sense in dressing their children, but even first graders are not too young to dress neatly. At no time will miniskirts be appropriate.

The main thing to be kept in mind is that all students should be neat and clean, and dress as they would for a job.