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Fundraising helps program; Supporting Meals on Wheels

Kyle McCamy (left) and Dustin Scott (right) from Moore Engineering present a donation to Fargo Senior Services Board Member Edith Sloat June 17 at the West Fargo High Rise. Jamie Grant/West Fargo Pioneer

The Meals on Wheels program in West Fargo relies heavily on volunteers to assist with delivering lunches on a weekly basis.

Each year West Fargo Meals on Wheels Coordinator and Outreach Worker Renee Lerfald puts a call out to several West Fargo businesses to solicit support.

Many respond favorably, and this year was no exception, with 14 employees of Moore Engineering, Inc. stepping up to the plate after receiving an email informing them of the need.

Consequently, they started delivering meals the first Wednesday of the month in April, with two employees helping out each time.

Dustin Scott and Kyle McCamy, enjoyed it so much that after delivering their first time, they also volunteered to do it on the second and third Wednesdays of each month.

Scott said he realized the need for volunteers and thought it a great opportunity to provide service to people in need. "It made us feel good to help them out and decided instead of doing it once we would volunteer two or three times. We had fun driving around and enjoyed being able to visit with some of these people who have been in the area for a long time. I would recommend that anyone having spare time to get involved and help out with the Meals on Wheels program. You definitely get a lot out of it."

"We are very proud of them and the time commitment they are making," Human Resource Assistant Joni Smith stated about all the employees involved with the delivery.

And just recently, the company decided to take their commitment one step further.

Moore Engineering staff held their company picnic on June 11. The picnic committee decided to feature a dunk tank as a fund raising event for the West Fargo Meals on Wheels program. They charged $5 for three throws and asked their Board of Directors Jeffry Volk, Roger Fenstad, Kevin Bucholz, Nick Gludt, and Project Manager Brock Storrusten to volunteer to be dunked. They gladly did so and raised $405, all in great spirit for ultimately a great cause.

"We are excited to be helping out a program like this in the West Fargo community, and having the chance to contribute in a small way," Smith added.

The donation was made last week by Scott and McCamy to Fargo Seniors Services Board member Edith Sloat prior to the two setting out on their delivery run.

Lerfald said the money will go to help support the Meals on Wheels program which continues to operate thanks to such generous donations. "We at Fargo Senior Services are so thankful for Moore Engineering taking the time to deliver meals for us and we are so grateful for the fundraiser that they held for us. We feel like they have just wrapped their arms around us and our homebound seniors. It's good to have the community support and for them to have had fun raising funds for our programs being able to dunk the management staff in the ice cold water. They really went above and beyond to help support our program."