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Band concert draws good turnout

Residents at the West Fargo High Rise and people from the community were treated to an outdoor concert on Wednesday, June 24, performed by the West Fargo Summer Band. Under the direction of Mark Berntson, band director at the West Fargo High School, the annual concert was held in the High Rise's back yard, with about 90 people attending. Concertgoers were blessed with a cool breeze, no rain, and few mosquitoes, as they listened to seven selections performed by the group.

This year's band was bigger than ever, with 48 members, ranging from teenagers to adults in every age group, including a few in their 80s. Band members included: Angie Dockter, Amanda Paulson, Andrea Samsten, Kate Savageau, Jennifer Sykora, Doug Beierle, Elaine Borud, Nancy Fischer, Denice Heiser, Alexia Kieffer, Julie Koppelman, Carol Lewis, R. Tracy Myers, Christie O'Hara, Laurie Roman, Rudy Zvirovski, Jannel Barnes, Justine Skauge, Bob Creighton, Jane Guy, Monica Huseby, Martin Wishnatsky, Brad Schmidt, Joe Cajobe, Myla Alsaker, Alison Laybourn, Cameron Merkel, William Merkel, Bob Bergman, Mike Morey, Emily Beierle, Bonita Baltes, Ken Berntson, Nick Cajobe, Joshua Dauner, Austen McFarren, Andrew Merkel, Dustin Moe, Larry Mohr, Nathan Olson, Charlie Pinkney, Eric Burmeister, Marge Gourde, Amy Tran, Terry Walsh, Joey Bjornson, Mary Mohr, and Bill Schmidt.

Cookies and juice were served indoors following the concert by the staff at the High Rise. Programs were furnished by Dr. Gregory Dye.